Dedicated to Hope, Healing and Recovery.

Social Worker Medical Social Workers play an essential role in the care team at Matrix Home Care. After a patient is on service, a Medical Social Worker may complete an assessment to determine needs of the patient and identify any limitations or safety issues that might interfere with the patient’s recovery. The social worker will also educate the patient and family regarding resources and support systems available in the community. 
Home Health Aides Our home health aides work under direct supervision of the nursing staff. Our aides provide direct personal care including personal hygiene, activities of daily living and the care of the environment directly related to the safety and well-being of the patient. Our home health aides can assist with daily personal care tasks such as bathing, dressing, changing linens and even shampooing your hair. Aides can also assist with simple exercises and walking. 
Speech Therapy Our Speech Language Pathologist can help improve communication with retraining and rehabilitation. The speech therapist treats those with difficulties speaking, hearing, swallowing, and those with limited cognitive function. Speech therapy can be beneficial after strokes, head traumas, or other reasons that have caused a change in the cognitive condition and ability to swallow. 
Physical and Occupational Therapy
Our Physical and/or Occupational Therapists will establish rehabilitation programs and work with the patient on these programs to maximize their independence in the home. The task-oriented exercises and activities in these programs are designed to help patients reclaim their independent function. In addition to creating these programs, the therapy staff will evaluate the need for durable medical equipment. If needed, our professional staff at Matrix Home Care will coordinate with a DME company to get the proper equipment promptly. 
Skilled Nurses  Our skilled nurses establish and manage the plan of care in compliance with physician’s orders. The patient is afforded a variety of skilled nursing services such as: IV therapy; maintaining and replacing catheters; administering specific medical treatments as ordered by the  physician; diabetic teaching, management, and monitoring, teaching wound care,  ostomy care, and postsurgical care, educating on medication management, oxygen safety, and other skilled needs.